Jay's Corner Restaurant
in Gorham
Tue. Oct 10 at 11:30 am
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North Conway UCC Church
Sun. Nov 12 at 3:00 pm
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Welcome to
The North Country Association

of the New Hampshire Conference
of the
United Church of Christ!

Organized in Lancaster on
February 19, 1833


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Money for Your Local Church's Ministries! ! !
Grants and Loans Available through the NHCUCC
Did you know that the New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ has a variety of funds that support local church lay leaders, clergy, youth, and seminarians?  For complete details, please visit our website: 
Grants & Scholarships
In addition, the Conference has a Local Church Revolving Loan Fund that may provide a low-interest loan for congregations that are doing new construction or renovation projects.  Visit
Revolving Loan Fund for more information.
If you have questions about any of these funds, please call or email me anytime!

Rev. Gary Schulte

(603) 225-6647

NCA Officers:

Moderator: Barry Jacobson, 603-348-0749
Scribe: Rebecca Larson, (603) 237-4414
Treasurer: Gerry Tilton, (603) 236-6657
Comm. on Church & Ministry Chair: David Weddington, (603) 991-0535

The 13 Member Congregations of the Association:
(click on an underlined church name to go to their website)

Bartlett Congregational Church UCC, Bartlett
Chatham Congregational Church, Chatham
Monadnock Congregational Church, Colebrook
Conway Village Congregational Church, Conway
First Church of Christ Congregational, UCC, North Conway
Congregational Church, Dalton
Congregational Church, Errol
Franconia Community Church of Christ, Franconia
Gorham Congregational Church, UCC, Gorham
Jackson Community Church, Jackson
Lancaster Congregational Church, UCC, Lancaster
First Congregational Church, UCC, Littleton
Pemi Valley Church, Woodstock

The Committee on Church and Ministry
(which normally meets in Gorham on the 2nd Tuesday of the month):

David Weddington, Chair
Sharon Clough
Barbara Holland
Barry Jacobson
Rebecca Larson
Sharon Miller
Gerry Tilton
Sharon van der Laan

Clergy with Full Standing in the NCA:
With current church served.
* indicates retired.

Norma Brettell – Bartlett
William Briggs
Gilman Healy – North Conway
Barry Jacobson
Susan Jepson *
Rebecca Larson – Colebrook
Paul Laubi *
Pojen Lee
W. Christoph Schmauch *
Martell Spagnolo
Kent Schneider
Sharon van der Laan – Lancaster
W. David Weddington – Littleton

Licensed Ministers:

Cindy Grassi – Errol
Gerry Tilton – North Conway